Monday, September 17, 2007

Another win by a big margin is in the books for Agape. The 5-0 spread was beaten, and then some. OK Revolution went down 9-0 at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable Agape side. That leaves us with 20 goals scored and only 3 goals scored against us in just three games. That's Ridiculous!!!

I was planning on doing a full match report but we are just scoring to many damn goals and that would take forever.
So here it is:

First off, congratulations to Aaron Hayes and his defense for there first clean sheet and to the man of the match, Troy Arnold, who had an outstanding hat-trick!!
Way to go guys!!

Scoring Summary: (in no particular order)
Troy Arnold - 3
Jesse Crow - 2
Mike Jones - 1
Bryant Scrapper - 1
Blake Lewis - 1
Jonathan Rivers - 1

(Yes, you read correctly. Not only do we have famous rapper Mike Jones scoring goals for us but also the American Idol beat-boxer Blake Lewis.)

Until next time,

P.S. Whoever voted in the pole that we would take anything short of 1st is CRAZY!!!


Anonymous said...

Where is a list of the other players besides the persons who scored?

"The Berger" said...

good point, I'll post a team roster with numbers when I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

We need to see some pictures of what this team looks like. Looks make a huge difference on how many votes you get. I know for a fact that this team is absolutely gorgeous..... and well trained and well coached from a very young age!!! TEAM PICTURE PLEASE!!!

Who do you think? RLC

Blitz Insider said...

I think you need a countdown to your next match - that would be cool.

p.s. you guys are FUGLY - no more pictures please.

Anonymous said...

Only giving up 3 points in three games would take some of the best defensive players in the world. Who are they?

p.s. Or your not playing anyone that can score.

Anonymous said...

or the midfield and strikers didn't let it get back to the defense

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