Friday, September 28, 2007

Another "W" on the board for the lads!! -Although in my opinion, probably the sloppiest game we've played so far this season. We played just well enough to squeak by Arsenal with a nail-biting 7-2 victory. HA-OK, maybe not exactly nail-biting but it may have been close had we'd of played someone to likes of DTU or BAAC. I think we still would have won given the way we performed, but it would have been close. I know we'll step it up when the challenge presents itself.

We now have a grand total of 27 goals scored and only 5 goals allowed in just 4 games!! Not a shabby start to the season!

Scoring Summary: (in no particular order)
Jesse Crow - 2
Jonathan Rivers - 2
Drew England - 1
Tony Dodson - 1
Josh Hughes - 1

Sorry about the late post this week. I've been swamped! I promise to pick up the slack next week.
I know that a couple of people have asked for a full roster with a team picture. As long as most the squad is here this Sunday I'll try and snag a team pic and post it next week.

Until next time,

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another win by a big margin is in the books for Agape. The 5-0 spread was beaten, and then some. OK Revolution went down 9-0 at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable Agape side. That leaves us with 20 goals scored and only 3 goals scored against us in just three games. That's Ridiculous!!!

I was planning on doing a full match report but we are just scoring to many damn goals and that would take forever.
So here it is:

First off, congratulations to Aaron Hayes and his defense for there first clean sheet and to the man of the match, Troy Arnold, who had an outstanding hat-trick!!
Way to go guys!!

Scoring Summary: (in no particular order)
Troy Arnold - 3
Jesse Crow - 2
Mike Jones - 1
Bryant Scrapper - 1
Blake Lewis - 1
Jonathan Rivers - 1

(Yes, you read correctly. Not only do we have famous rapper Mike Jones scoring goals for us but also the American Idol beat-boxer Blake Lewis.)

Until next time,

P.S. Whoever voted in the pole that we would take anything short of 1st is CRAZY!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gameday Forecast

Gameday Forecast

Score Prediction:
Agape vs. OK Revolution
Win 5-0!!!!

Check back Monday for results

Friday, September 14, 2007

Agape's 1st post

Sept. 9th
Agape vs DTU

Sept. 12th
Agape vs Boston Avenue Athletic Club
Bryant Scrapper had a hat trick!

Next game
Sun Sept. 16th @ 1pm
Agape vs OK Revolution