Friday, September 28, 2007

Another "W" on the board for the lads!! -Although in my opinion, probably the sloppiest game we've played so far this season. We played just well enough to squeak by Arsenal with a nail-biting 7-2 victory. HA-OK, maybe not exactly nail-biting but it may have been close had we'd of played someone to likes of DTU or BAAC. I think we still would have won given the way we performed, but it would have been close. I know we'll step it up when the challenge presents itself.

We now have a grand total of 27 goals scored and only 5 goals allowed in just 4 games!! Not a shabby start to the season!

Scoring Summary: (in no particular order)
Jesse Crow - 2
Jonathan Rivers - 2
Drew England - 1
Tony Dodson - 1
Josh Hughes - 1

Sorry about the late post this week. I've been swamped! I promise to pick up the slack next week.
I know that a couple of people have asked for a full roster with a team picture. As long as most the squad is here this Sunday I'll try and snag a team pic and post it next week.

Until next time,


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