Friday, October 26, 2007


The boys in red end up victorious, bringing the cup back to Tulsa were it belongs!!

Saturday morning we played Legacy FC out of Kansas City, MO. They were the defending champions of the tournament. We won 2-1 in a hard fought battle against a youthful skilled opponent.
That afternoon we played the Airforce team out of Colorado Springs. They weren't as young or skilled but they made up for it in strength. We beat them in a tight 1-0 match.
Sunday morning we played a team from Kansas. They had already lost to both the teams we played Saturday so we assumed they wouldn't give us any trouble. It was a fun game that ended in a 2-1 victory for Agape. Meanwhile, on the field next to us, Legacy FC and the Airforce team tied and were battling it out in a shoot out. The Airforce team won and advanced to play us in the finals at 2pm.
Agape vs. The Airforce!!!
The pitch was set and we had a pretty decent crowd turn out for the finals. We came out and played some good soccer first half and came up on them by 3 points. We slacked off 2nd half and let our guard down. We ended up winning the match 4-2.

We headed back to the tent for pictures with our piece of silver and the traditional Soktoberfest champions mugs with our heads held high.

Also, don't forget to check out the E! True Hollywood Story on Blake Lewis. It's a heartfelt success story about the shortest guy to ever register with NEOSA soccer and still come out a hero (in his own mind). It will give a positive outlook on life to short people all across the globe.

Goal of the tournament: Brian Scrapper-Finals!!!

Player of the tournament: ?Agape? to hard to choose-if i had to pick someone I would have to go with Blake Lewis because of his obvious disadvantage (not to mention he probably had the most goals and assists out of anyone else). Good job Blake!

Big thanks to Coach Crow for putting this team together in 2 weeks before the season started. Not to bad for a short notice.

'till next time,


Anonymous said...

kirberger, ur a wanker.nice work buddy-good blog.Agape players are MLS qualified.thanks for the link man.

Anonymous said...

I'd like your team to know about FUTSAL in Tulsa...

check us out at

Looking to have men's teams!

Are you the Agape Roofing guy

John Crouch

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